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Qize Machinery Co., LTD

Qize Machinery Co., LTD is a national high-tech enterprise that is a manufacturer and service provider of three-roller and wing gate brake integrating r&d, production, and sales. It currently has two factories; the Qize machinery provides general engineering service via digital security gates, access gates, security scan gates, and other gates. And there are various variants in this security gate line that prohibit tailgating.

Depending on the type, and can install it both inside and outside depending on their type. Nonetheless, the gate is an automatic security barrier to limit access to specific other grounds to authorized people. In most cases, different security turnstile gates technology provides superior protection by allowing users to swiftly get authorization and track down and imprison anyone attempting illegal access.

The products are mainly used in new energy sources such as OBC chargers, car charging piles, EV charger, vehicular inverter, etc. Industrial electronics include new energy photovoltaics, elevator, industrial control, security, instrumentation, energy storage inverter, etc. Consumer electronics, such as intelligent home appliances, intelligent lighting, etc. 

Founded in 2014, Pujing Electronics is a manufacturer and service provider integrating r&d, production, and sales of electronic transformers, inductors, planar transformers, lightning protection inductors, and EMC inductors, and is a national high-tech enterprise.

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